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Community Flood & Storm Protection Ballot Measure

In 2023, the City of San Mateo launched the Community Flood and Storm Protection Initiative to make our community safer and invest in stormwater infrastructure to protect residents and businesses from flooding. 

$8.4 million per year is needed to strengthen and rehabilitate our stormwater infrastructure. We need dedicated revenue to fund repairs and improve aging infrastructure, so residents and businesses can be better protected from flooding. 

Learn more about proposed stormwater fee to keeping our water clean and build resiliency!

$3M Investment

Historic $3M commitment to immediately fund high priority flood mitigation and stormwater infrastructure projects to prepare for El Niño Season.

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Stormwater Infrastructure Is Public Safety

Read this Public Safety Op-Ed by Danielle Cwirko-Godycki, the Flood Free San Mateo Coalition Leader. 

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San Mateo Residents Call for Action!

Residents call for more city preparedness, action. San Mateo residents filled the City Council chambers to call for better flood control safety policy in preparation for the winter.

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Lagoon Pump Failures Intensified Flooding

Initial findings from a consulting report on San Mateo’s New Year’s Eve storm response found multiple pump failures at the Marina Lagoon Pumping Station played a significant role in flooding...

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Ensuring our stormwater infrastructure is future-ready

The words government, innovation and partnership often don’t go together. However, when it comes to the Flood and Storm Water Protection Initiative, also known as the Flood Free San Mateo ballot measure, our city is taking a truly innovative and cooperative approach to financing and developing future-ready infrastructure


Stormwater infrastructure needs support in San Mateo

It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature that it often takes an emergency, a disaster — any sudden or urgent occasion for action — before recognizing that the outcome of such an event could have been prevented.

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Will we be ready for the next storm?