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 About Flood Free San Mateo

Flood Free San Mateo is a coalition of residents and city leaders, representing all five districts of San Mateo, who demand bold action to address flooding risk in our hometown. Following the severe winter storms and flooding we all faced last winter, the coalition is advocating for the use of emergency funds and passage of the Community Flood and Storm Protection Ballot Measure to dredge the Marina Lagoon, fix pumping stations, maintain storm drains, and retrofit creeks and culverts. These actions are necessary to keep residents and property safe across all areas of the city as strong winter storms become more frequent and intense.


To learn more and join the coalition, write to

Leaders Endorse Flood Free San Mateo


Amourence Lee


City of San Mateo


Rich Hedges

Council member (D4)

City of San Mateo


Danielle Cwirko-Godycki

Flood Free San Mateo Coalition Leader


Evelyn Stivers

San Mateo County Housing Leadership Council


Unanimous San Mateo City Council Support 

Amourence Lee, Mayor 

Lisa Nash, Deputy Mayor

Rich Hedges, Council Member (D4)

Adam Loraine, Council Member (D5)

Rob Newsom, Council Member (D3) 

Unanimous San Mateo County Board of Supervisor Support 

David Pine, President (D1) 

Warren Slocum, Vice President (D4)

David Canepa, Supervisor (D5)

Noelia Corzo, Supervisor (D2)

Ray Mueller, Supervisor (D3) 

Elected Leaders 

Kevin Mullin, Congressman 15th District

Josh Becker, State Senator 13th District


Emily Beach, Former Mayor and Council member, City of Burlingame 

Chelsea, Bonini, Vice President, San Mateo County Board of Education

Rick Bonilla, Former Mayor, City of San Mateo

Maureen Freschet, Former Mayor and Council member, City of San Mateo

Carole Groom, Former Mayor, City of San Mateo 

Claire Mack, Former Mayor, City of San Mateo 

Jack Matthews, Former Mayor, City of San Mateo

Gina Papan, Former Mayor, City of Millbrae 

Ligia Andrade Zúñiga, Vice President, San Mateo Union High School District

Party Endorsements

San Mateo County Democratic Party

Neighborhood Leaders


Sandy Backman, President, Harbortown, HOA 

Joanne Bennet, Board Member, North Central Neighborhood Association

Caiti Busch, Co-Chair, Peninsula Stonewall Democrats

Sheila Canzien, San Mateo Parks and Recreation Director, Retired

Michael Caggiano, Board Member, North Central Home Association

Andrea Guzman, Lead Organizer, Faith in Action

Anna Kuhre, Former Public Works Commissioner & President Emeritus SMUHA

Jay Kuhre, Former Sustainability Commissioner, City of San Mateo 

Susan Manheimer, Former Police Chief, City of San Mateo

Mike Nash, President Emeritus, San Mateo United Homeowners Association (SMUHA)

Wes Taoka, Board Member, Home Association of North Central San Mateo

Annie Tsai, Board Member, San Mateo Foster City Education Foundation 

Annette Bianco, Board Member, Shoreview-Parkside Neighborhood Association

Danielle Cwirko-Godycki, President, Shoreview-Parkside Neighborhood Association

Sandy & Mike Dillon, VP & Board Member, Shoreview-Parkside Neighborhood Association

Thomas Morgan, President, San Mateo United Homeowners Association (SMUHA)

Adam Nugent, President, Home Association of North Central San Mateo

Caroline Nugent, Board Member, North Central Home Association

Michael Ragan, President, Beresford Neighborhood Association 

Rick Sakuda, President, Lakeshore Neighborhood Association

Susanne Scher, Board Member, North Central Home Association

Taso Zografos, President, Gramercy-Mounds El Cerrito Neighborhood Association

Local Unions 

NorCal Carpenters Union

Operating Engineers Local 3 

San Mateo Building Trades Joint Council

San Francisco Laborer's Local 261 

NorCal Plumbers Union 

San Mateo Labor Council 

Local Businesses 

Mid-Pen Housing 

Bloom Dental 

Avocado Toast

Bay Watch Cafe

B Street Books

Create Mix & Mingle

El Video Loco

Fog Bird

Golden Bell Donuts 

InSytle Nail Salon 

Metro Mobile

La Piñata 

Lions Den Shave Parlour

Mi Rancho Supermarket

Maria's Papusas 

San Mateo Auto Service 

McNally & Associates Real Estate Group

O'Neill's Irish pub 

Old Town Sushi 

Simple Delight Ice Cream

Shiki Sushi 

Pancho Villa



Round Table Pizza

Windy Hill Property Ventures

Community Organizations 

San Mateo United Homeowner's Association

Baywood Neighborhood Association

Beresford-Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Board 

Borel Neighborhood Association 

Central Neighborhood Association

Building Trades Commission

Downtown San Mateo Association (DSMA)

Jewish Democratic Club of Silicon Valley

Lakeshore Neighborhood Association Board 

Fiesta Gardens Neighborhood Association

San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce

San Mateo Central Labor Council

San Mateo County Housing Leadership Council 

San Mateo County Stonewall Dem Club

Shoreview Parkside Neighborhood Association

Sunnybrae Neighborhood Association

Peninsula Democratic Coalition

Peninsula Solidarity Cohort

Public Safety Organizations 

San Mateo Consolidated Firefighters Association/Local 2400

SSan Mateo Police Officers' Association/Peninsula Law Enforcement

Climate Organizations

Greenbelt Alliance

San Mateo Climate Action Team

Save the Bay

Marina Lagoon Action Committee

Residents/Community Activists  

Alvaro Agorio, Resident, Beresford 

Bridget Agorio, Resident, Beresford

Julia Agorio, Resident, Beresford

Brandon Arnold, Resident, North Central 

Linda Bauld, Resident, San Mateo

Marvin Berkson, Resident, Foster City

Jenny Campbell, Resident, North Central 

George Wesley Cisco III, Resident, Shoreview

Theresa Chao, Resident, Foster City 

Christine Chau, Resident, San Mateo 

Dr. Randy Chin, Resident, San Mateo 

KathyAnn Chin, Resident, San Mateo

Mike Collins, Retiree

Anna Cwirko-Godycki, Resident, Shoreview 

Michelle & Alex Cwirko-Godycki, Residents, The Village 

Richard Delaney, Resident, San Mateo

Anshuman Dewagan, Resident, Shoreview

Linda Dresher, Resident, San Mateo 

Elian Dumitru, Resident, San Mateo 

Kay Funk, Retiree 

Joe Gershanick, Resident, Mariner's Green

Daniel Gilbrech, Resident, San Mateo 

Iana Gimena, Resident, San Mateo 

Mareva Godfrey, Resident, Laguna Vista

Linda Hedges, Resident, Harbortown

Jean-Marie Houston, Resident, San Mateo 

Lawrence Ives, President Calabazas Creek Research Inc. 

Amy Jussel, Writer & Resident, Mariner's Island

Charlene Kranz, Resident, Marina Gardens 

Rich Kranz, Captain, United Airlines 

Jeff P. Lamont, Real Estate Broker, San Mateo Resident, Homeowner

Rabbi Laurie Matzkin, M.A.Ed., Peninsula Jewish Community Center

Patricia Matthews, Resident, San Mateo 

Alex Meng, Engineer, Prize Pool

Karen Moen, Resident, Parkside & Measure S Committee Member 

Heidi Moser, Resident, Laguna Vista

Anthony Ng, Executive Director, Civic Leadership USA

Valerie Oblath, Resident, Laguna Vista

Dominic J. Peralta, Resident, San Mateo 

Trina Pierce, North Central Community Activist

Sheila Sandow, Resident, San Mateo 

John Everett Tastor, Retired Insurance Broker

Alireza Vijeh, Resident, San Mateo

Xin Wang, Data Scientist Motive Inc. 

Alex Weaver, Resident, San Mateo 

Russ Wilshire, Captain, United Airlines  

Peter Yeatrakas, Retired, CEO Wespay


(Titles and affiliations are for reference only).

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