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About us

Flood Free San Mateo is a coalition of residents and city leaders, representing all five districts of San Mateo, who demand bold action to address flooding risk in our hometown. Following the severe winter storms and flooding we all faced last winter, the coalition is advocating for the use of emergency funds and passage of the Community Flood and Storm Protection Ballot Measure to dredge the Marina Lagoon, fix pumping stations, maintain storm drains, and retrofit creeks and culverts. These actions are necessary to keep residents and property safe across all areas of the city as strong winter storms become more frequent and intense.


Join Us

Support the Community Flood and Storm Protection Ballot Measure by voting YES to fund flood mitigation strategies, build resilient infrastructure, raise awareness about flood risks, and engage the community in flood protection efforts.


Together we can create a flood-free future for San Mateo.

Get Involved!

Interested in volunteering for upcoming Flood Free San Mateo events, please click the link to learn more about opportunities to cold-call, door knock, attend post-card writing events and more! 

Breaking News

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